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New EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations

New EU Strategy for International Cultural Relations


New York, June 9th, 2016 — The New Strategy to put culture at the heart of EU international relations, adopted on June 8th, was discussed at a meeting of heads of EU cultural institutions, academics, counselors and diplomats, organized by EUNIC New York.

The event was hosted at the EU Delegation at the United Nations, featuring a keynote presentation by the Head of EU Delegation to the UN, H.E. Ambassador Mr. João Vale de Almeida.

Cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue are an integral part of the values of the European Union and play an important role in promotion of human rights, tolerance, and non-discrimination across the world. The EU is focusing on its increasingly positive role in international relations.

The European Union aims to strengthen the effectiveness and impact of its foreign policy by integrating international cultural relations in the range of its foreign policy instruments, while recognising the need for a cross-cutting approach to culture.

EUNIC NY is part of a global coalition of national cultural institutions and diplomatic services from the European Union, working in more than 80 cities on all continents. EUNIC members promote the arts, education, cultural diversity and cultural dialogue and advocates for a stronger role for culture in public policies and external relations, both at European and international level.

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